Vectorize Computer Screen with DateAha!

Save money and get
more out of online dating

Online dating doesn’t have to be so expensive

Flirt with any online dating profile for free and direct message other online daters without paying the high monthly fees dating sites charge. Merkry is not an online dating site – it works as a messaging layer on top of popular online dating sites like,, and

How it works:

As you browse online dating sites you can leave a comment or flirt with any profile. The user claiming that profile receives an alert and can reply to your comment – even if both of you are not paid members of the dating site

Personal Chat

After installing the Merkry extension, claim your own dating profile so you can get an alert when anyone leaves a comment about your dating profile. Direct message reply to any comment to start a private conversation.

Group Chat

Invite other Merkry friends to create a private dating chat groups to share comments on any dating profile or dating experiences – you can warn your friends about people you might be meeting online.

Public Chat

Merkry users can read the comments from other online daters so you can avoid catfish, liars and cheaters and call out the bad behavior of online daters that make online dating difficult.

All you need to do is install the Chrome extension for free to get started!

*Merkry is only available as a Chrome extension for web-based online dating sites for now. An app version is coming soon for mobile browsing.